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 NEWS 2015

Seminar in Karuizawa!
Date: October 18th, 2015 

Mr. Kodama just got married !
Date: October 10th, 2015 

Mr. Suda just got married !
Date: September 19th, 2015 

DPF research and studies with Hokkaido and Ibaragi Universities. Click here
Date: August 24th, 2015

Umezu just got married !
Date: May 23th, 2015

Mr. Kaminaga just got married !
Date: March 8th, 2015


Franklin donated by Waseda Univ. has just restored by TOYOTA!
Date: May 17th, 2015

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NEWS 2014 

Kusaka Lab in Kamogawa Seminar House.

Kamogawa Seminar House

Date: November 22nd - 23rd, 2014
Activities: Thesis update, sports, etc ...


NEWS 2013 

Daisho Lab and Kusaka Lab in Kamogawa Seminar House.

Kamogawa Seminar House

Date: November 9th - 10th, 2013
Activities: Thesis update, sports, etc ...


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Congratulations !!
We hope that you share a long and happy life together forever !!

Just Got Married.


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Diesel Control team won "The Outstanding Paper Award 2013" at the SICE Annual Conference !!
(SICE = The Society of Instruments and Control Engineers)

SICE Annual Conference 2013

An international conference on Instrumentation, Control, Information Technology and System Integration.
Date: September 14th - 17th, 2013
Venue: Nagoya University, Aichi, Japan


 Paper Title:

 "Developping methods for optimizing   
 control parameter and surface response
 model of engines."


 Masatoshi Ogawa
 Yasumasa Suzuki
 Harutoshi Ohgai
 Jin Kusaka

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Diesel HEV team presented its thesis at the GSC Symposuim.

The GSC Symposium

The 2nd JACI / GSC Symposium (The 13th GSC Symposium)
Date: June 7th, 2013
Venue: Mielparque-Osaka (4-2-1 Miyahara Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi )
Presentation Style: Posters


"Modeling the voltage of Li-ion cell with BDS ® and its allocation for estimation of anodic over-voltage - Toward high efficient battery system for HEV or EV (1) -"

Unlike the 15-min. PowerPoint presentation at other conferences, this Poster Session felt challenging in terms of explaning to walking-by audience about the highlights shortly in 3 min. or so. Also I would like to emphasize that many people from differenrent fields offered me sound advice for the future research, which makes me count this symposium as one of the most memorable events in my college life.
 Hiromu Nakano (M.S.2) 


"Modeling charge characteristics of Li-ion battery with temperature dependence and simulating over-potential at graphite anode - Toward high efficient battery system for HEV or EV (2)"

It was totally perplexing to attend this Chemistry Conference with my Modeling contents looking somewhat unsuitable, however, it turned out to be far more fruitful than expected. Every single moment was stimulating enough to broaden my view, and I ended up being excited to answering questions or listening to unique comments from the audience.

 Haruki Ishida (M.S.1)


"Valuation of environmental cost reduction by employing PHEV technology for regional CDM - Case study for the environmnetal compatibility of Eco-Cars in India - "

Being my first foreign language presentation, it was an absolutely new experience. A good exposure from foreign academia to the foreign industry.
Gopinath Raja (M.S.1) 

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Diesel HEV team wins the outstanding tech. paper award from JSAE on 23th April, 2013

The outstanding technical paper award

 Toshitaka Nakamura         Hiromu Nakano               Jin Kusaka 

Mr. Toshitaka Nakamura who was graduated from M.S. degree of graduate school, Waseda university on March, 2012 and is now a researcher of JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Mr. Hiromu Nakano who is now a M.S. 2nd student and professor Jin Kusaka will get “ the outstanding technical paper award from JSAE”  on 23th May, 2013 at Yokohama. Today is the press release day from JSAE.

The reasons for this is

 (1) Modeling on transport phenomena encountered in a Lithium ion battery coupled with electrochemical reactions

 (2) Predicting various over voltages and energy conversion efficiency of charge and discharge periods by using the transport model mentioned above.

 (3) The components of the battery, a motor, vehicle body size are optimized by using the Particle Swarm Objective(PSO) algorithm.

 The HEV team was established in 2010 by Mr. H. Yano who is now a researcher of HONDA.

The authors would like to express their thanks to Waseda university professors Yasuhiro Daisho to be a recommender and Yushi Kamiya for his advices for modeling on a PM motor.

Old boys and girls of Saito, Daisho, Kusaka and Kamiya laboratories will get together to see the poster presentation at HITO-TO-KURUMA-NO-TECHNOLOGY-TEN held in 22-24th May, Yokohama.
Professors Masataka Arai of Gunma university and I visited Center of Mobility Propulsion of Aachen university, FEV in Aachen and took part in FVV information conference in Leipzig from 9th to 11th April, 2013.

Business trip in Germany

Details will be reported near future at JSAE.

<snapshot> from left to right
1. ICE station at Frankfurt
2. Although I have visited Kölner Dome several times, I have been impressed deeply.
3-8. in Aachen
9. Leipzig university

Professor Ingemar Denbratt at Chalmers university of technology got an award from Volvo Research and Education Foundation on 4th April, 2013.

Ceremony and lecture

Professor Ingemar Denbratt got an award from VREF at Chalmers Hus in Gothenburg for his great contribution of research activity of mobility energy conversion system. After the ceremony, three peofessors have presentations associated with environmentally friendly engines and vehicles. Professor emeritus, Jerzy Chomiak also came to the ceremony to give us a lecture. Acctually, it was a good conference.

  <Snapshots> from left to right
1.  The gate of Chalmers university of techonology
2. The nice view from Chalmers tram station
3. Professor Ingemar's research group annual party. Dr. Mats was celebrated for his birthday.
4. A cat, Nara-chan in Chalmers guest house is still fine and becomes larger than that in 7 years ago!
5. "Smoka", causual style restaurant
6. Nice restaurant, "Fiskekragen"


Professor Emeritus Takeshi Saito at Waseda university was celebrated for his 90 years old by many graduates who were more than fifty five year old on 23th February, 2013.

A big group of Saito laboratory

Many graduates, who were more than fifty five years, old celebrated 90 years old birthday of professor emeritus Takeshi Saito at Waseda university on 23th February, 2013. The birthday party was organized by many old boys. Because the internal combustion engine laboratory of Waseda university was established in 1918, the oldest boy was around 80 years old who was very fine rather than young graduates!