NEWS 2021-2022

 Ms Cao-san and OB Okaya-kun join to have presentations at SAE WCX 2022

Congratulations on graduation, 26th March, 2022

 Mr. Y. Miwa got married ! Congratulations!, 19th March, 2022

 Study and enjoy ! , SAE Italy, ICE 2021 in Capri, 13-15th, Sept., , 2021

  - Special movie 1
  - Special movie 2

 Special education for maintenance work of EV, HEV

Special thanks to TUV Rheinland Japan !

Ms Cao and Mr Guan got an award for fuel cell project, 28th April

See, Fuel Cell Development Information Center web page

 Congratulations, 26th, March

Mr Yamakawa got AICE presentation award!  See  AICE web page

  NEWS 2020

Waseda University Whisky , 7th June

Vehicle modeling research team

Opening ceremony for AZAPA-WASEDA chassis dynamo. '20, 2, 27

The sixth anniversary of prof. Saito's death  2020,  1, 11

 NEWS 2019
Prof. Sok Ratnak got married ! Congratulations! 2019,11,22
600 paticipants at the weeding party !  
Mr. Pengsieng-kun did great peformance in Phnom Penh !

Kusaka Lab. OB & OG meeting, 2019,11,16

 Go to U.S. to join SAE Thermal Management System Symposium, 2019,10,15
Special thanks to prof. T.Iida !

Yokota-kun did a good presentation !