NEWS 2023

Kamogawa 2023 Boot Camp  10.28-29

 Xieyang-kun at AVL in Austria got married!  Congratulations!!   10.27

 Business trip in Germany, 10.02-10.20

 Das Beste vom BVB  click!

 Ms and Bs thesis Kamogawa camp,  09.29-10.01

 AICE SCR catalyst meeting at Doshisha Univ. 2023,09.24-09.25


  Welcom to Waseda!  Prof. Olaf Deutschmann and KIT staffs visit to have a meeting of a joint project. , 2023.09.18-20

ICE 2023, SAE Italy, 2023.9.01-14, Capri

 UD Trucks donated a cutaway model of the turbocharger

 Quarter Progress Report Meeting in Oiwake

Sakate-san and Umehara-kun, Congratulations !!

 Photographs at JSAE 2023 Spring Conference

 Suchiteta-san, Arravind-kun, Congratulations !!!

 Ms Cheng-Marrian got Waseda Athletic Association's Annual Academic Achievement Award !

Business trip at Göteborg, Sweden

  Business trip at karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Wurzburg

 Mr. K. Shimizu got Miura Memorial Award from JSME

 Congratulations FY2022

 Mr. Yuta Sugaya and Issei Takao got awards from JSAE, 2023, 3, 10

 Mr. Yuta Sugaya (M2) got an AICE Research Activity Award, 2023, 3, 6

 JSAE got  a CSP award ! , 2023, 2, 10

 CSP Award , Automobile Business Association of Japan , JSAE