NEWS 2023-2024


  Ms Cheng-Marrian got Waseda Athletic Association's Annual Academic Achievement Award again ! 2024.03.18

 Biz trip in Austria and Germany 2024.03.09-03.17

  Karlsruhe and London 2024.01.28-02.02

  Kawana boot camp   2024.01.27-28

Vanessa-san visited the Lab.  2024.01.26

- Vanessa-san is a CEO of her own compnay Jamuloggy.
- Vanessa-san is a winner of "the Apprentice ONE Championship Season 2 "
  in Netflix !

 2023 Year in review

 Have a happy New Year!

  2023 Year-end party,  2023.12.20

Thank you very much for the heartwarming letter and gift. I was really surprised at the perfect size! I will take good care of it ! I wish everyone a happy new year in the coming year!  Jin Kusaka, 2023, 12, 23

Dr. Ratnak and Enbo-kun, bisuness trip at South Carolina in US